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Global Secured Finance

Secured finance solutions offer investors the potential for attractive yields, predictable cashflows and diversification.

Interest rate protection and yield

Most secured assets are floating rate instruments and can help protect against the tighter monetary policy brought about by resurgent inflation.

Secured assets can also offer higher expected risk-adjusted yield than a traditional investment grade credit allocation. This is partly due to their illiquidity premium, but also due to changes in bank regulations which has meant that many borrowers have turned to private markets for their financing needs.

In addition to increased risk-adjusted yield, secured assets can also offer investors:


An additional tool to help generate stable and predictable cashflows.


Structural protection as they are backed by physical assets or a pool of assets, offering a level of protection to investors unavailable in the unsecured, traditional credit space.


Diversification within a fixed income portfolio and a broader pool of growth-seeking assets.


Lower mark-to-market volatility,  enabling long-term strategic allocations.


AUM of alternative credit.


Distinct top-down investment process capturing macro down to asset specific opportunities.

20+ years

track record of investing across the full spectrum of liquid and illiquid strategies.

Source: AXA IM Alts. Data as at 31/12/2022.


Dispersion in markets will continue to play a key role in providing diversified returns for clients.

Christophe Fritsch
Global Head of Alternative Credit, Alts

Our solutions for institutional investors

Accessing the size and diversity of the growing secured finance asset classes offers the potential to cover many investment needs not sufficiently covered by traditional bonds.

Customised solutions
Integrating the cashflow and yield generating characteristics of secured assets into portfolios can present real challenges, even for the most sophisticated investors. Working with clients and advisors we build compelling pooled and customised solutions with targeted outcomes, to help navigate the complexities of implementation.

Experienced team
We are a leading global player in alternative credit, with more than 20 years of experience across the full spectrum of liquid and illiquid strategies.

The full scope of debt instruments
As well as offering a potential yield premium versus traditional credit, secured finance can provide diversification benefits by investing in the full scope of debt instruments, secured by different types of collateral, in both the public and private markets.

Source : AXA IM. For illustrative purposes only. CLO: Collateralised Loan Obligations, ABS: Asset-Backed Securities, CMBS: Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities, RMBS: Residential Mortgage Backed Securities
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Manisha Patel

Director, Global Consultants and UK, Alts

Risk considerations

General risk factors of investing in a global portfolio of secured assets debt include currency risk, credit risk and liquidity risk. Investment in secured assets should normally be on a long-term buy and hold basis. Other risk considerations for long-term investors include but are not limited to:

  • General economic and market conditions
  • Market risk
  • Performance risk
  • Model risk
  • Concentration risk

The value of investments may fall as well as rise and you may not get back the full amount invested.



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    Risk Warning

    The value of investments, and the income from them, can fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the amount originally invested.